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Updated: Jun 30, 2021


Hope you all are enjoying a relaxed and happy summer season!


I have been delayed in getting pen to paper. I have been doing extensive promotional work for my writing as the first three years were all about producing products/books. However, I am in the early research stages looking into history for Boston 1912 and Paris France in the 1920s where the heart of my next book will be located. For those of you that believe there are Angels among us in life will find this strong storyline in my upcoming Book.

More to come in the next Post.


For those of you that would like to follow me in the tech world, I was fortunate to be invited

to do both a YouTube & I-Pod interview with Harvey Brownstone. He is an international

interviewer of celebrities & authors located in Ontario Canada. My recent interview in May 2021 can be seen and heard at Harvey Brownstone Interviews on his website but I will post a direct link for you to go there at the end of this post. The Interview runs about 39 mins covering both my father George Brent’s film career as well as my writing & recently published books.


Just a quick reminder all my books are in the E-Book format for all of you travelers who like reading as you go! Enjoy!

Until Next Time

Suzanne B.

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