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I was born in the summer of 1950 on August 3rd in Santa Monica California into a colorful celebrity family. My father Irish born was film actor George Brent well known for his movies with Bette Davis. My mother Janet Michael was born and raised in San Francisco California. She was of Scottish decent a popular socialite and fashion designer. My brother Barry arrived on November 26, 1954 and we lived our early childhood years in the San Fernando Valley on a thoroughbred horse ranch called "Royal Oaks Farm". As our father began to reduce his acting and became more active in breeding and racing horses we moved to Rancho Santa Fe California. Here I became active in the world of showing horses. 

As my teenage years arrived our family traveled extensively in Europe where I ended up living and going to school in Lausanne Switzerland. I thrived in Europe falling in love with its diverse history and classic style. On my 16th birthday we arrived at our new home in Dublin Ireland and I ultimately went onto school in Waterford Ireland. This mystical country of our father's birth place provided a charmed time almost a step back in time with a big scoop of Downtown Abbey overtones. It left a footprint on my heart and turned me into an incurable romantic. It opened the door into my metaphysical studies from astrology numerology past lives and the fascinating mysteries of other cultures. But most of all I knew then and there I wanted to be a writer. 

So here I am living back in La Jolla California so many years later as the door opens for me to return to my love of storytelling. My wish and hope is to bring some fun and adventure into your everyday lives with my written words. After all a little escape into the pages of a book is like a little sugar for the soul. I hope you will enjoy the written journeys ahead with my imagination in print. 

Suzanne likes to hear from her readers. Please feel free to reach out to her by filling out this contact for or email at:

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