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Welcome to the Book Shop. Enjoy browsing my books here and they are also available at general bookstores in the domestic USA and international book community. In general all my books will be in softcover and e-book format unless otherwise stated here. 


"So many twists & turns very exciting read." M.W.


"Full of Mystery suspense and romance." G.J.


"Couldn’t put it down. very entertaining." K.S.

MASKERADE is a romantic thriller that is based in Los Angeles California in the 1990s. It is about an exotic disturbingly mysterious woman who is obsessed with obtaining a rare ancient Egyptian mask for it's magical powers. The battle of dark and light forces takes the reader on a page turning journey to the ultimate plot twist. 

The Silver Screen

A mysterious envelope is delivered to Kate Clifton one year after her mother’s death. The contents a personal note and video reveals amazing information that turns her life upside down. Her mother confesses to being part of an elite group of scientists headed by Howard Hughes who created a time travel portal. All this is hidden behind the dignified studio Tyme Productions. But it is when her mother reveals the true identity of her father a 1930’s matinee idol that the video bursts into flames. In Kate’s haste to secure answers from Studio head Sherman Avery she sets in motion events that not only send her back to 1939 Hollywood but change her life forever.


Sarah Mentieth could no longer ignore the haunting dreams of Drake  the Earl of Glennis

or the escalating mysterious events in her daily life in San Francisco California. Compelled beyond reason she impulsively travels to Loch Ness Scotland to Glendrake Castle  to search

for answers.

Quickly she is immersed in a parallel world of ancient myths and magic that co-exits alongside the 21st century. She opens the door to her ancestry and then her heart when she discovers her love Drake is suspended in time as a vampire from an ancient 900 old druid curse.

Against all odds and with the help from the mystical wizard Merlin they battle dangerous adversaries as they race to the Summer Solstice to break the ancient curse.

"If you love TCM classic movies you will absolutely love this book."  N.B.


"A page turner brings you into old Hollywood with romance & humor." C.S.


"Would be wonderful movie great mix of real personalities & colorful characters rich in Hollywood history fun read."  G.J.

"Full of Celtic folklore magic didn’t want it to end would be successful movie." L.L.


"Amazing adventure of vampire romance & magic page turner." S.N.


"Great characters beautiful highland location Loch Ness very enjoyable read." R.T.

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