• Suzanne Brent


Here we are in the late summer month of August as the months seemed to have flown by.

Good news! The last chapters of my next book GLENDRAKE are being typed and will be heading to the publisher in September. I am currently looking at a release date of around the week of Thanksgiving for all you early bird shoppers.

GLENDRAKE has turned out to be one of the most fun books to create. Though I am working in the world of the Vampire it is not blood and guts storyline. It is magical star crossed lovers good/ bad guys with a serious cup of humor along the way. Popular favorites like Merlin the wizard Morgana the sorcerous and others are mixed in with a few of my own creations. It is a fun fast-paced adventure that stretches from San Francisco California to Loch ness the highlands of Scotland in 2000.

I will be posting more frequently as we approach the release date.

Thank you for all your patience we are almost there.

Until next time

Suzanne B.


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