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Greetings Everyone!

There has been a shift in my writing work this year. Because so many of you have e-mailed

your pleasure reading my books( Thanks so much!!) but more importantly your many comments about the books being great storylines for film. I too have had an eye on the same idea. This would require a conversion from book to screenplay. Currently, the wonderful Ned Hill not only my cover designer but screenplay writer has taken on the project. We are working our way at the moment through my first book “ Maskerade” the thriller planning to proceed to the other books as time permits.

The film industry is so diverse these days we are hoping to find a good home for the books with either TV or big-screen projects. There is nothing more magical for a writer than to see their story/ characters come to life under the care & talented hands of a fine director & talented actors.

As summer is here and people are on the move more please feel free to order one of my books in E-mail format great for everyone who enjoys the read while they travel!

Happy summer travels to all!

Till next time

Suzanne B.

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