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Greetings everyone! What a start to a New Year and New Decade! I hope all of you and your families are safe and well in these challenging times.

My current book GLENDRAKE as last year concluded part one and half of part two were completed along with a wonderful cover design by Ned Hill. As Jan/ Feb rolled into view I had to put the pen down to explore ideas about turning my books into film. Maskerade the thriller seems to show promise for a TV movie or maybe a series. The Silver Screen I hope will be next and as many of you have suggested I too would love to see it as a major motion picture. But I must add that Hollywood is a place of serious hurry up and wait and of course since the arrival of this virus everything is at a standstill for now.

So I will keep you updated as time passes when there is some progress. As to the release of GLENDRAKE at this writing maybe end of summer if not late fall in time for the holidays. I will get another post out closer to that date.


Suzanne B

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